ID Theft

T-Mobile Reports Security Breach

The cellular provider T-Mobile has disclosed a data breach on August 20th.  The good news is that no financial data or social security numbers were compromised.  The bad news is that personal data including email addresses were.  This could lead… Read More ›


Latest Hacking News is reporting a breach of another health care provider, CarePartners, which is based in Ontario, Canada. From the article: “The cyber-attack breached CarePartners’ computer system and as a result, patient and employee information held in that system,… Read More ›


The ancestry and family tree website has reported a data breach that is limited to user’s email addresses.  No passwords, credit card data, family tree data, or other information was compromised.  This probably means a whole lot more spam… Read More ›

New Scam Targets Apple Accounts

Trend Micro is reporting a new phishing campaign targeting Apple users is attempting to trick victims into updating their profiles under the guise it’s a part of proactive security program. From the article: “The phishing email looked like a legitimate email… Read More ›