I am spearheading a new program to provide refurbished laptop computers to low-income income families with school aged children.   The laptops will be Windows based (Windows 7 or later), “scrubbed” and virus free,  and installed with software to make the student successful.

By buying used computers through Ebay, Cragislist, and other means, I hope to start by providing 4 or 5 refurbished laptops.   I am fairly confident I can accomplish this with as little as $1000.

I hope you will help me fund this new initiative and lend a hand to some children who have already had a rough time of it so early in their lives.  You and I both know that in today’s world it is hard to be successful in school without regular access to a computer.

Please prayerfully consider this initiative and I hope you will help by giving just a few dollars to me get started.

If you have a working laptop you would like to donate, please contact me through here.

To see our GoFundMe Page Click Here


Thank you!



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