Phishing Attacks Disguised as an Email From the Boss

The latest and greatest “phishing” attack is aimed at higher level executives.  Remember that “phishing” attacks can only be successful if you click an attachment in an email.

From the article:  “Getting an email from the boss isn’t always a good thing, but in this case, it could be even worse. A widespread phishing campaign has been discovered that is targeting executives at many companies. The campaign uses fake messages from bosses to try and obtain usernames and passwords.

The email is simple, it tells the employee that a meeting has been cancelled and that they need to choose a new date. When users click on the link to reschedule they are taken to what appears to be a page for Microsoft Outlook and Office 365.

However, the page is part of a phishing site and any information entered into it will be gathered by the hackers. Viewing the message on a mobile device shows a slightly different message, but the effect is the same.”

Source: Phishing Attacks Disguised as an Email From the Boss – Latest Hacking News

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