Hotel Call Scam – Update Payment Info

Hello Readers!  I stumbled on to this story posted to Reddit and I thought I would share.  I could see myself falling for this.

“Recently, I inadvertently participated as the middle man in a credit card scam, and I wanted to use it as a warning. Maybe this is a common scam, but I didn’t know about it, and wanted to tell you all what happened.

I work at a nicer hotel in a suburban town. One day, I got an outside call asking if they could speak to Room 205. We get outside calls all of the time from the families and friends of our guests, so, not thinking anything of it, I patched them through.

A few minutes later, the guest from 205 comes downstairs asking if they could have their new receipt.

“A new receipt for what?”

“You told me on the phone that you had to change our payment information, and that you’d have a receipt for me down at the front desk.”

Suddenly, I realized how stupid I had been. This random stranger cold-called our hotel confidently requesting to be patched up to a random room. When he connected with the guest, he pretend to be a representative the front desk and took their credit card information over the phone. When the woman came down, my stomach sank, and I realized that there was a chance I had inadvertently ruined this woman’s life. Without a doubt, the most shameful moment of my life has been informing a guest that they should call their bank and maybe cancel their credit card before it’s too late.

A couple things need to be stated. First, I was going against policy, though I was new at the time and didn’t know it. I should have called 205 and asked if I could patch a call through to them first, or if they were expecting one. But I, being an idiot and incapable of imaging a downside to skipping this step, neglected to do so. And a woman was almost scammed for it.

If you’re staying at a hotel, be very careful about who you’re talking to. Never give credit card information over the phone. This guy seemed to know what he was doing, so it may be a common enough scam to keep your eyes open for it.””

Link to Original Post

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