Multiple sites are reporting that the ticket purchasing website Ticketfly has been compromised.  There are claims on some dark web sites that they have information for sale of the users and not just the venues.

If you are using or have used Ticketfly please monitor the activity of any credit card  you may have used on the site.

From the article:  “An intruder defaced the company’s website around midnight on May 31st with claims that they had compromised the “backstage” database where festivals, promoters and venues manage their events. Billboard sources didn’t believe this included credit card data, but the attacker had posted files supposedly linking to info for Ticketfly “members.”


“The site was downed by a hacker or group of hackers allegedly known as “IsHaKdZ.” The company has since been able to gain back control of the site, but as of Thursday night it remained offline as the company took steps to safeguard its information and assess the damage. “

Source: Ticketfly temporarily shuts down to investigate ‘cyber incident’

At the time this blog entry was posted the site was still down.

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