Thieves Activating New Cell Phones Despite Credit Freezes

Krebs on Security published an interesting article today regarding ID thieves setting up cell phone accounts in victim’s names without going through the major credit reporting agencies.  He learned that there is a separate reporting agency that provides data to cell phone carriers, utilities, and a few other industries.  After some further digging, he found that this reporting agency is owned by our “friends” at Equifax.

The good news is it is easy to check your report.

From the article:

“Fortunately, the NCTUE makes it fairly easy to obtain any records they may have on Americans. Simply phone them up (1-866-349-5185) and provide your Social Security number and the numeric portion of your registered street address.

Assuming the automated system can verify you with that information, the system then orders an NCTUE credit report to be sent to the address on file. You can also request to be sent a free “risk score” assigned by the NCTUE for each credit file it maintains.”

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Source: Think You’ve Got Your Credit Freezes Covered? Think Again. — Krebs on Security

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