BREACH ALERT: Delta Air Lines Customer Credit Card Data Compromised

Delta sent a notice to all of their customers that their customer service system had been compromised between 9/26/2017 and 10/12/2017.  The company states that a specific malware (virus) was active during this time that capture the data being entered manually by a customer.  The stored credit cards and personal data were not affected.


If you registered a Delta account during this time frame I would encourage you to call the credit card company you use and have your number changed. 

From the article:

“The malware could only collect the information shown on the screen, so credit card information automatically populated by Delta Wallet functionality would have remained masked and not useable.”

Delta said it’s working to contact those affected and a help-page website would be regularly updated. No other personal information—such as passport, government ID, security or SkyMiles information—is believed to be impacted.

You can read full details from Newsweek here.

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