SCAM ALERT: False Investment Prospectus on Crypto-Currencies via Email

The Lazarus Group, a known group of hackers based/supported by North Korea, has a new “polished” scam being sent around via email.  It comes under the guise of an investment opportunity email containing a report on various crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Monero.  The attachment has a virus loaded within it that allows the hacker network to control your computer behind the scenes.  Although the proposal is more sophisticated than other scams it is still riddled with typos and errors.

Protect yourself – Keep your virus scanner up to date and NEVER open email attachments from people you don’t know!  Please do me a favor and share this article on your social media using the buttons below to get the word out.


From the article:  “The malicious document’s original creation name is Investment Proposal.doc” and attempts to impersonate an employee of an Australia based law firm for commercial and financial services named Holley Nethercote. The document states that they have evaluated several cryptocurrencies and they have put together an investment proposal”

Source: Lazarus Group Targets More Cryptocurrency Exchanges and FinTech Companies – Intezer

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