Purchase Scam – Dispute Transaction Link

I think most of us shop online to some degree and the latest scam preys on those habits.  Recently there have been reports of a scam involving receiving a receipt for an expensive purchase ($200 or more) via email.  The receipt looks very convincing, complete with clean formatting and a picture of the item you just “purchased”.  The idea is that you will realize immediately that you did not make this purchase and want to let the vendor know.  Fortunately, the email includes a link in the middle of the email, in bold letters, allowing you to “Dispute Transaction”.  Now, what shopping sites email you a receipt for something you bought that includes a link to dispute the fact that you bought it?  None – unless you are a scammer.  Below is a picture of what one of these emails look like:

Don’t take the bait!  Just ignore the email and go about your day.  Add the sender to your spam filter.  It’s a phishing attempt to get you to log into some sort of fake credit card, bank, or shopping site to steal your personal information.  It does not mean your card or your identity has been stolen, just your email is out there on some scammer’s database somewhere just like mine and millions of others.

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