Duh! Humans are to blame for spreading false news on Twitter

Here is another one from the “does this surprise you” department.  There has been so much media outcry over “bots” spreading fake news throughout social media.  Well, according to this story, it was more the humans doing it than the bots.  (“bots” are automated social media accounts created to boost a person’s number of followers and spread their message)

We talked about this trend in one of my earlier articles (Don’t Take the Clickbait) and it’s nice to see some brainiacs at MIT publishing an official study so we can all sleep better at night.

From the article:

“False news spreads further, faster and deeper than the truth in every category of news,” says Sinan Aral at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who supervised the study. Aral and his co-authors Soroush Vosoughi and Deb Roy at MIT Media Lab concluded that false news stories were 70 per cent more likely to be retweeted than true ones, even though accounts tweeting false news tended to have fewer followers and be less active.”


Remember that sage advice offered by Abraham Lincoln so many years ago:







Source: Humans, not bots, are to blame for spreading false news on Twitter

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