Newborn Babies Victims of ID Theft

A new and disturbing trend in identity theft is to steal the social security numbers and other relevant information of newborn babies.  Parents gain social security numbers for children usually in the first year in order to get the deduction on their taxes.  This information is generally stolen from tax returns.

Transunion has a service by which you can check your child’s social security number to see if a credit report has been established in their name.

Check Child for Credit Report Link

From the article:

“Now, according to the latest research from Terbium Labs, a dark Web intelligence firm, cybercriminals are now targeting new-born babies to fulfill their malicious objectives. Reportedly, the Social Security numbers and salient other Personal Identifiable Information (PII), birth dates and maiden names of mothers are up for sale on the Dark Web for hundreds of dollars.”

Full Article Here

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