The Apollo Project

Public Wifi is everywhere.  These days you cannot run any kind of commercial business without having WiFi available to either your employees, the general public, or both.  Public WiFi brings customers to your establishment.  It helps keep them there spending their money.  If you don’t have public WiFi available at your business you will suffer because of it.  It has to be easy to log on to or customers will get frustrated and not come back.  It has to be relatively fast or patrons will go down the street to your competitor.  This is just not limited to retail.  Anywhere that you have people meeting regularly usually requires some sort of public internet.  Even the church I worship and volunteer at has public WiFi available.  It’s become a standard for doing any kind of business in the world.  It’s everywhere.

I use public WiFi all of the time.  I travel for work, so my devices have “memorized” WiFi hot spots at the hotels, the airports, and the restaurants I frequent on the road.  It’s so easy!  The devices connect automatically for me most of the time and I don’t even know it’s happening.  I just have internet that’s not costing me money on my cell carrier’s data plan.  Yay me!

After my experience with identity theft I became more and more aware of this phenomenon of public Wifi.  How safe is it?  Is anyone really responsible for what happens on those networks?  Are they monitored?  If so, by who?  Can you have sensitive data taken from you if you happen to log on to the wrong network at the wrong time?  What happens if the network is compromised?  Would anyone even know?  Is there any sort of warning system or will my smartphone just automatically connect regardless when I walk into Starbucks?

I harnessed my inner nerd powers and went to work digging around and trying to learn a little bit about how all of this works.  I was surprised at what I found.  The more I learned, the more I realized just how big the “cyber” world is and how easy it was to start prying into people’s personal lives without them even knowing it.   Some of it is downright scary.

Hence I give you The Apollo Project.  With this series I will start to show you what I have learned so far and what you can do to protect yourself.  As I dig deeper into the inner workings of various topics I will share my experiences with my readers, through blog posts, videos, and other medium as we fall down the dark rabbit hole together.

Oh – and why “Apollo” for the project name?  The Greek gods of mythology were created by man to manipulate other men to do what they wanted them to do.  I have learned that a lot of cyber crime is exactly like that, so my various projects will have Greek gods for names.   Apollo is the god of light and truth so I thought it appropriate for my first project.  Apollo is also the name of the “device” which I will introduce you to in my next article.  I have taken to naming my various devices after the Greek gods to help me keep track of which does what.

Next Article Up:  Meet Apollo

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