Breach: Hancock Health Hospital in Greenfield Indiana

Date Reported:  January 11, 2018

Where:  Hancock Health hospital in Greenfield Indiana

What:  Hospital network was hijacked and held for ransom.

Who Affected:  Anyone who has been seen by this hospital or a doctor associated with it.

Possible data stolen:  Personal data, social security number

Recommended Action:  Review your credit report, Monitor or lock your credit report


News Article – Local Greenfield News


The article states that “Hospital leaders don’t believe any personal medical information has been compromised”.  I would not take this statement as fact.  If the hackers were diligent enough to penetrate the system and then lock it out for ransom, they had a lot of time within the system and more than likely downloaded any information they could get their hands on.  There is also no guarantee they cannot get back in if the hospital does not find the exploit.

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